Joel Crawford-Smith

I'm Joel Crawford-Smith. I have played multiple roles in his career including Front-end Developer, User Experience Designer, and Drupal Developer. My past experience both UX and development helps bring a "big picture" point of view to my current job as a Web Accessibility Administrator.

My hobbies include travel, photography, and searching out the dankest cat memes on earth.


Web Accessibility

Web accessibility specialist certified credential
ID: *20MAWJC004* link is external
Web accessibility is my life. I fight to make the world inclusive so everyone can have equal access to the web. I had been working in the field to some extent for about a decade. This year (2020) I passed my WAS (Web Accessibility Specialist certification) through the IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals link is external).

User Experience

Human Factors International Certified Usability Analyst certification creadential link is external Human factors and user experience was a gateway drug to Accessibility. When you know accessibility and user experience you realize that anything good for accessibility is also great for user experience. Before my full dive into web accessibility I was a User Experience Designer so naturally I wanted to get my CUA (Certified Usability Analyst link is external).

Drupal Cult Member

Drupal 8 Certified Site Builder creadential link is external Drupal is my favorite content management system. My full time Accessibility analyst role has not entirely tore me away from my first love, Drupal. I am still a Drupal 8 Certified Site Builder link is external. Our university relies on Drupal. So keeping my skills sharp was important to me.